Amy Ward Brimmer

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Welcome to Moving Into Mindfulness

It's time to reorganize and redefine.  This blog, formerly known as Way Opens, is now called Moving Into Mindfulness.  I have changed the title to reflect the new project I am developing of the same name.  I want to separate this ministry -- and I now accept that it is a ministry to which I am called -- from my professional website, Way Opens Center.  The companion blog on that website is specifically about topics in the Alexander Technique and the other somatic energy healing work I do.

Moving Into Mindfulness gives me more latitude to write about my adventures in mindfulness practice, what I am exploring spiritually, and in all other areas of my life. I'll post more personal reflections, stories, dreams, memories, fears, joys, and questions.  Lots of questions.

I hope you will follow me on both blogs, and I hope you will support my Alexander bodywork practice by becoming a client and sending your friends to me, too.  I do need to make a living, after all.  I am entering a period of uncertainty about my so-called career, and I actually don't know at this moment what I will be doing to earn a living.  Will it be in addition to Way Opens Center or instead of it?  Will I have one full time job with benefits or many consulting gigs?  Will I become a barrista at Starbucks or work the checkout line at the local grocery store?  I don't know the answer to that today.

What I do know is that I have turned a corner somewhere. I do believe that my Moving Into Mindfulness project is a response to a call, and I am excited about developing a workshop and series of classes that I plan to start offering as soon as possible. So I am stepping out in faith, knowing that if I stay open to life as it arises and practice accepting life on its own terms, interesting opportunities will present themselves.

I am held, as we Quakers like to say.  I am not worrying about what I will eat or what I will wear or how I will pay my mortgage (to paraphrase Jesus).  I invite you to follow my writing. Looks like it might be an interesting adventure!